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Registry Cleaner Frequently Ask Questions


1.  How does the Windows Registry work?
Windows Registry stores settings & options for the operating system.  It contains information for both hardware & software
2. What is causing my computer to bog down?
Problems with the registry are often the culprit, although there can be a number of other factors as well, including the presence Us

of Viruses, Adware, Malware or Spyware.  Your PC may also have insufficient memory.
3.  What's the difference between registry problems and a virus?
Conduct an anti-virus scan first.  If no major problems are reported, use a registry cleaner such as RegCure
4.   How should I go about fixing my computer's registry, and should I attempt to do it myself?
You have three options:
1. Take it to a computer repair shop
    -This will probably cost you at least $100 and could take two weeks to fix
2. Do it yourself
    -Not recommended, unless you are a computer technician.  The smallest mistake could cause ireperable damage
3. Utilize an inexpensive yet effective registry cleaner, like RegCure

-Registry cleaners will fix the errors on your computer in less than an hour TOPS, and will cost $29 to 59        
4.  If I opt for a registry cleaner, will it be a one-time fix?
Chances are, you will have to perform a registry scan at least once again in the future.  With some registry cleaners, you can
schedule a scan each month, or even each week.  A great idea in order to always keep your PC running at an optimal level. We recommend RegCure, but for reviews on all registry cleaners,click here

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