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Say Goodbye to the Blue Screen Error and Get Your PC Running Like New Again

It is such a grate feeling when your PC is running like new again, specially when you don't have that annoying blue screen anymore. It is a terrible experience when your PC suddenly malfunctions and you cannot save the work that you are doing. One of the worst problems is the screen error, which has become infamous to users and some people call it "the blue screen of death". This happens without any warning at all; one minute you are watching a video, playing a game, listening to music or just surfing the web and then the blue screen suddenly pops up. Most users do not know what to do when they encounter this problem.

If you are getting the error message "beginning physical memory dump" is particularly bothersome because it interrupts and damage your precious work and you cannot go back to save it. Up to today, there is no simple solution for this problem. Physical memory dump means that the computer dumps its entire memory onto a file on disk. There are many reasons that this happens; for example, if you have just installed new hardware, it may be incompatible with your system. There may also be a problem with a memory stick.

One of the major contributor to memory dump problems are some of your files going bad; these can be restored if you have backup copies. You can also visit the Microsoft site for troubleshooting tips on restoring corrupted files. If the size of the file is small, you can defragment using some trusted software down loadable from the net. You can also use it for compressing and re-organizing larger files which were trapped in the dump.

You can also try correcting the error by restarting the computer in safe mode; reboot, then press F8 while it is still booting. When a menu pops up asking how you would like to start your computer, pick safe mode. You can also try to address the root of the problem by tracing the location of the dump and analyzing which actions the computer performed which may have been the cause of the error. You can also try repairing the software bug, but this can be quite complicated. Solutions to the blue screen error will vary from person to person, depending on the cause of the error.

The blue screen error will continue to persist as we use our PCs more often to surf and perform many other functions. Since technology has advanced, we are using more programs, which make our computer system more prone to errors. This is why a registry repair is considered by people to be as important or as an anti-virus applications, since these utilities can easily fix your computer's error. A registry repair will also ensure that your computer will operate quickly and without this kind of problems, meaning that you can say goodbye to the blue screen of death once and for all.

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