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Is Your Registry Giving You Problems?  You can fix it in minutes!

The top registry cleaner software products on the market have been tested, and one of the top 5 is Error Nuker.  In seconds, it will scan your PC, and repair any errors.   


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      Error Nuker Review

Error Nuker was developed by a company called "TrekBlue", which has released some other software products you might recognize, such as "Spyware Nuker", "Spam Nuker" and "Popup Nuker".

When we tested Error Nuker, we found its scan took a bit longer than some of the other registry cleaners, but it performed an exhaustive search of the problems and fixed each completely. The performance enhancement is quite noticeable right away. It also allows you to schedule regular maitenance, to avoid problems that might arise in the future. Error Nuker did what it said it would, it "nuked" the errors on our registry!

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How friendly is the Program?

Anyone can use Error Nuker, even a novice.  It will take slightly more effort than some other programs, but this registry cleaner is very straight forward.

Error Nuker will either perform an automatic scan, or you can do it yourself with a manual scan, if you wish. Once the program has spotted and isolated errors, the user can simply follow the prompts to remove or repair any errors and/or invalid entries. Error Nuker also offers an automatic backup, so you can easily undo any changes.

Customer Service:

Error Nuker uses a ticket-based helpdesk system to provide assistance.  You get technical support if you buy the full version


Error Nuker is a powerful registry cleaner which will nuke your system's problems in a period of time that is a bit longer than some others, but that amount of time is not unreasonable. Error Nuker has a nice interface and is a very easy to use registry cleaner. To give you an idea on how easy Error Nuker is to use Click here to see some screenshots.


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