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A Cheaper Way to Fix a Slow - Running Computer

Did you notice your computer to be running slower than it usually had? Does it freeze and crash at the most unfortunate times? Does it take forever to start up and shut down? Do you get bored waiting for a web page to load? Have you gotten that Blue Screen of Death?

There is nothing more distressing than working with a sluggish computer. Not everyone is patient enough to make do with a computer that runs a turtle's pace. The very first option that comes to the mind of a computer user is to have his machine repaired at a computer shop.

The cheaper way to fix your slow-running computer is to repair it yourself. However, there are things you can do to make it go back to its original performance. Here are your options:

1. Reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows.

This option will erase all the data in your computer so make sure you back up your files with the discs that came with your computer. Back up everything that you need so that you can retrieve them after the reinstallation finished.

2. Have someone fix your PC.

If you do not trust yourself with matters relating to your computer, you can just get the help of a repair man. You may have to spend at least a hundred dollars for repair. You also have to wait for days or weeks. Some can offer money-back guarantee while others may not. You have to put your trust in the repairman to take care of your PC's health.

3. Get a registry repair program.

You have probably heard of registry error before. This is the main reason why computers slow down. You can just purchase a registry cleaner and have your PC scanned from home. Any errors found shall be deleted and your PC's health will be back to normal. This may cost you around thirty dollars, making you save more than if you send your machine to a repair shop.

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